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Bulbs4Kids colouring sheet

03 January 2022

It’s getting colder outside, so it’s time to do some fun things indoors instead. And that’s what this Bulbs4Kids colouring sheet is for. Colouring sheet

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Flower bulb of the week: the chequered fritillary.

20 December 2021

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the chequered fritillary. The fritty what?! The pattern on the chequered fritillary looks a little bit like a speckled bird’s egg. The botanical name is a bit more complicated: Fritillaria meleagris… The fritty what?! This name comes from the Latin word fritillus, which means a cup that […]

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Who is participating?

13 December 2021

Over the past few months, primary school classes have been registering for their Bulbs4Kids packs. But how many classes are actually taking part? And which schools are participating? Overview It didn’t take long before all the Bulbs4Kids packs had been sent out, because there was a lot of interest! And we’re very happy about that, […]

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Flower bulb of the week: the tulip

29 November 2021

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the tulip. This flower looks like a turban It’s the queen of all the spring flowers. The name tulip comes from the word Tulipa. That is Latin, and it means the flower that looks like a turban. Does that seem strange…? Well, not really, not when you […]

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2250 classes to plant 1.3 million flower bulbs

08 November 2021

It’s that time of year again – time to plant flower bulbs. This autumn, tens of thousands of children in England, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada and Sweden will learn how and when to do this after receiving a flower bulb kit from Bulbs4Kids. After all, you can never start too young. More than a […]

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Registration for Bulbs4Kids now open 

27 May 2021

Primary schools can now start registering to receive a free flower bulb kit from Bulbs4Kids. Bulbs4Kids is an international campaign meant to acquaint children in primary schools with the world of nature by means of hands-on activities that are also fun. There are 2,250 kits available, 400 of which are for English primary schools. Green is […]

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