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Flower bulb of the week: the dwarf iris

16 December 2019

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the dwarf iris. Unusual flowers The dwarf iris is a small flower bulb that grows about 10 centimetres tall. But don’t underestimate these little flowers, they have a very unusual shape. The buds are long and narrow, until they open… Beautiful petals unfurl, it’s wonderful to see! […]

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Many stories associated with the imperial Crown Imperial

10 December 2019

Did you know that the Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) was one of the first plants in the world to be cultivated? With such a long history behind it, this royal highness is associated with many stories. The Crown Imperial: cultivated for centuries The original habitat of the Crown Imperial includes Turkey, the southeast and west […]

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Flower Bulb of the Week: the ornamental onions

09 December 2019

This week, the ornamental onions are in the spotlight as the flower bulb of the week. A flower made from small flowers The botanical name for ornamental onions is Allium, a name that means happiness and prosperity. Ornamental onions produce flowers made up of many small flowers that form a larger ball. This ball can […]

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Bulbs4Kids colouring sheet

06 December 2019

It’s getting colder outside, so it’s time to do some fun things indoors instead. And that’s what this Bulbs4Kids colouring sheet is for. Colouring sheet

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Flower bulb of the week: the daffodil.

02 December 2019

This week’s flower bulb of the week is the daffodil. In love with itself Daffodils can also be called Narcissus. The name Narcissus comes from an Ancient Greek story. The story is about a young hunter, called Narcissus, who never wanted to fall in love with anyone else. Looking in the water at his own […]

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What does a flower bulb look like on the inside?

28 November 2019

A flower bulb is a bit like an underground storage shed and a flower factory, all at the same time. It’s really interesting to discover how flower bulbs grow into flowers. When the flower bulbs are planted, they are completely bare, with no leaves at all. Sometimes they have some roots though. Inside the flower […]

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