About Bulbs4Kids

Bulbs4Kids is a campaign meant to acquaint children in primary schools with the world of nature by means of interesting activities that are also fun. Research has shown that this contributes to a child’s sound healthy development.  

Children learn a lot from experiencing the world of nature – especially when they’re getting hands-on experience. By planting flower bulbs themselves, they discover flower bulbs and have fun at the same time. The Bulbs4Kids kit is a complete teaching package including a varied collection of flower bulbs. The children can work together on planting their flower bulbs in the school garden or in pots in front of the schoolyard. They can then see for themselves how the shoots emerge from the flower bulbs and produce amazingly beautiful flowers. It’s something they’ll remember all their life!


The Bulbs4Kids programme also includes an exciting photo and video contest. This makes planting the flower bulbs even more fun! The grand prize is the Golden Flower Bulb for the winning class.

The people behind Bulbs4Kids

Bulbs4Kids is an educational programme launched by iBulb, the organisation that promotes the interests of the Dutch flower bulb sector. iBulb also wants to make it fun for children to learn about flower bulbs. The people behind Bulbs4Kids are Simone Visser and Anne Verdoes.

Flower bulbs and crop protection agents

Teachers and parents sometimes ask us about the use of crop protection agents in the production of flower bulbs. What kinds of substances are involved? Are they found on the flower bulbs in the Bulbs4Kids kits? And is it safe to let children plant flower bulbs? Here are the answers to these questions so that you know you can enjoy participating in Bulbs4Kids without any of these concerns.