Giant Amaryllis

‘Amaryllis’ is actually not the real name for this gigantic bulb, but this is what almost everyone calls it. Its real name is: ‘Hippeastrum’ (say hippy-as-trum), and it comes from the tropical regions of South Africa. You can’t plant it outside but it will do just fine indoors. You see them in various colours such as orange, salmon and white. But red is the most common colour.

Do you know what makes an Amaryllis so nice? It has such a long planting period. If you want the flower bulb to bloom very early, plant it in October. But you could also wait for up to 6 months before planting it – until the end of April!

Actually, a flower bulb is a little miracle. If you want a big miracle (and who doesn’t?), plant an Amaryllis. Have you ever seen such a huge bulb? And take a peek at its clump of big fat roots! With roots like those, the flower should be gigantic.

You might think that growing such a big plant would be difficult. But you’d be wrong – all wrong! Of all the flower bulbs, the Amaryllis is the easiest to grow. Would you like to know how?

Put the pot in a warm place in the light. As long as you don’t see anything change, give it only a little water. When you see the stem emerge, give it a little more water. Rotate the pot every day. This way, the stem will not lean towards the light. One day, you will notice the colour of the flower showing through the buds. It’s now time for the ‘giant’ among flower bulbs to start blooming!


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